What am I buying when I purchase an option?

All options listed for sale on this website get you the guaranteed right to purchase a face-value ticket to a specific game, to be experienced on Murphy's Rooftop, including both tasty food & drink. 

What does the face-value ticket include?

The price includes our standard food and drink package and all applicable taxes and gratuities related to your rooftop experience.

Does the cost of the option goes towards the ticket price if I decide to exercise?

No. The price of the option is separate from the ticket, but our customers typically save money overall and enjoy the additional flexibility provided by having additional time to decide plans, as well as gaining the piece of mind knowing they have the right to purchase tickets if their team makes it to specific game.

When does my option expire?

Your option expires typically 2 weeks before the game is likely to occur. When expiration is nearing, we can send you multiple emails informing you of expiration dates. We collect full payment for the game, and refund the face-value ticket price in the event that the game never occurs. You do not get a refund of your option.

Am I buying a ticket when I buy an option?

No. You are buying an option, which gives you the right to purchase the ticket at face value.

What happens if my team does not qualify for the game?

If your team does not play the game, or the game never happens, you will not receive a refund for the price of your option, but there is no obligation to buy a ticket.

What is the maximum number of options I can purchase for any single game?

We currently limit the household number of options purchased to 6. If you are interested in buying a larger block of options, please contact us!

If I purchase an option, do I get charged immediately?

Yes. You get charged immediately for the option value. You will be charged again later for the ticket price if you elect to exercise your right to purchase a ticket at face value.

What is the total amount of money I pay?

You first pay the price of the option to OptionIt. Then, if you choose to exercise your option, you additionally pay the face value price of the ticket through Murphy's ticketing platform. Note that the cost of the ticket may include standard ticket service fees added by the official platform.

How will I be notified if my options can be exercised?

It is ultimately your responsibility to be aware that your team has qualified for the specific game. However, if you keep your contact information up to date with us, we can inform you by email when your options are able to be exercised.

Are my options refundable?

Unfortunately not. Once you have purchased the option, much like a sporting event, it is yours. All sales are final.

Why do I see changing prices for options?

OptionIt leverages proprietary option pricing technology that incorporates real-time statistical information about team and league performance, plus aftermarket pricing. As teams play games, modify player lineups, or other changes are made, prices fluctuate to reflect the statistical value of the option. The price at the time of your purchase reflects the most recent information we have available in that moment. Your option price is fixed the moment your purchase completes. Price changes (up or down) after purchase will have no effect on your transaction. 

Can I give my ticket away or sell it?

Yes. The ticket/booking is completely transferable. However, selling tickets/bookings for greater than face value may be illegal in your area. Anyone who purchases a ticket/booking from another patron should take care to be sure that the beverage pairing options are as claimed by requesting both an email confirmation from us as well as a printed receipt from the seller. Any tickets/bookings purchased on the secondary market are at the purchaser's risk. We will not be held responsible for forgeries or misrepresentations. Tickets/bookings are transferable, but we strongly encourage anyone considering buying tickets/bookings from any other source to refrain from doing so without confirmation from us. To transfer a ticket/booking, go to the "My Account" area using the upper right navigation pane and select "Your Bookings". Each booking has a transfer button next to it. This is only possible once you have exercised your option.


Cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, brats, hot dogs, Polish sausage, chips and brownies for dessert (let us know if you need veggie burgers) - all catered by Murphy's bleachers!


Beer includes a selection of domestic and craft beer, wine, soda, & bottled water. We will try our best to accommodate any specific special requests, although additional charges may apply. Please note that the sale of hard liquor is prohibited per our licenses.


Our rooftop opens 1/2 hour before game time, until 1/2 hour after. Alcoholic beverage service ends during the 7th inning.


Parking can be arranged at an additional charge. Please email us for more information.




Well behaved children over the age of 8 are welcome. Unsupervised or unruly children are not. Alcohol is only served to those who are at least 21-years old.

How do I get more questions answered?

Please contact us!